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Kinda Co Vegan Mozzarellie (200g)

Mild, creamy and made for melting. This cashew based mozzarella-style cheese is perfect for topping pizza, pasta or for making cheese on toast. 

The mild cheesy flavour and soft texture also work well in a salad - simply scoop small spoonfuls of cheese from the jar and mix with tomato, basil and olive oil for a tasty Caprese salad. 

This cheese comes in a jar to avoid plastic packaging, simply slice or spoon out the size or shape you need for your desired dish and you can save the rest for later. 

Ingredients: Cashew nuts, Water, Coconut Oil, Tapioca Flour, Nutritional Yeast, Agar Agar, Salt, Vegan Lactic Acid. 

Allergens in bold