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Little Pomona | Do It Puritan Damson 7.6% (750ml)

wild ferment bottled as pét nat

From gnarly old trees in a hundred-year old hill top orchard, we handpicked a quarter ton of Shropshire Prune damsons. To capture the wonderful aromatics, we carbonically macerated these along with some Thorn and Hendre Huffcap perry pears for four weeks, before pressing them and running the juice into barrels to ferment spontaneously. 

Later on we added more freshly pressed perry pear juice, this time from three French varieties, plus the juice of 40kg of that historic gem, the medlar, and bottled it. The result? An incredibly attractive and astonishlingly aromatic, sparkling fruit bomb – summer pudding in a glass!

Both a little different and a lot special - please chill it well and pour it fast. Honestly, it can be a little frisky!

Gluten free. Contains naturally occurring sulphites