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London Fermentary Smoky Kraut (460g)

Ingredients: White cabbage, Hispi cabbage, Ancho chilli, Garlic, Paprika, Spices, Salt, Naturally occurring lactic acid cultures.

Some seriously smoky kraut; punchy garlic and smoked spices, really bring the umami.

If you love smoky flavours, you will be very pleased with this product.

A spoon of Smoky Kraut will spice up any soup and bring it to a different level of enjoyment.
It goes so well with just boiled potatoes or rice; Smoky Kraut is so rich, it adds layers of flavours to very simple ingredients. This product is very well suited to vegetarians and vegans, as the fermentation process combined with the smokiness really reminds you of smoked sausages with a rich, meaty flavour - whilst still completely vegan!

Dairy & gluten-free, vegan.